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When Resource Room began in 2015, the owners – Joe and Sam – started tutoring their clients on a one-to-one basis. While many other tutoring centers would use small group instruction for grade-level support – Resource Room chose a different approach. The truth is that many places aim to place students in grade-level tutoring groups because it is simply more profitable. The center can charge each client less per hour but make more profit per hour by doing this. This approach, while more profitable for the business, is not helpful to the student. Students in such a setting are likely from different schools and will often not cover what they are working on in their respective classrooms in that tutoring session. This type of approach does not provide the results parents, and students hope for.

Many of our clients choose the Resource Room because of the individualized attention each student receives. Resource Room is owned and operated by career educators who can deliver instruction in every subject from K – 12. Add to that a talented staff made up of highly bright teachers and tutors, and you have a teacher-led organization that focuses on the individual needs of each student. We work with our students directly, and we mirror what is happening in their classrooms. We use supplemental supports, and we identify any foundational weaknesses that may exist. Then, once a student has mastered a topic, we move them to the next major topic they will encounter.

If tutoring has not worked for you in the past – it may just be that it was not the right approach for your child’s needs. Book a free consultation with either Joe or Sam. We see clients in our storefront, and we do see clients virtually via Zoom if requested. A personalized, individualized approach to education is our founding philosophy. We believe firmly in in-person instruction and look forward to seeing you soon!

Joseph Cuccurullo

Joseph Cuccurullo

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